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Understanding Your Insurance Policy

The first priority of every insurance company is to make money, so they do everything in their power to not pay or underpay your claim. Haywood Claims is here to give you the accurate information you need to interact with your provider. The journey back to normal is often long and stressful, but we are here to make sure you get the money you need to rebuild.



Learn everything you need to know about insurance policies. Whether you need help understanding insurance or preparing a claim, we have compiled information and documentation to assist you as you navigate the insurance industry.

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About Us

Haywood Claims is a company that began during a devastating time in our lives. Several years ago, we lived through a house fire. When we started making repairs, we discovered that the insurance company had underpaid us. The settlement we received did not cover construction costs, and we ended up filing bankruptcy. We want to make sure that no family goes through the same thing.

With the laws that are in place in Jacksonville, Florida, it is very difficult to receive the full value of your claim. We are not lawyers, but we want to show you everything you need to do to be fully compensated for your loss.


Get the information you need about insurance and making a claim.
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